Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Day of Ramadan

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Once a year my Family fasts for religious purposes for a month called "Ramdan". You do not eat or drink from Sunrise to Sunset. It is to remember that no matter how bad you have it, there are starving people in the world.  So during the 14 hour day where you cannot eat or drink the only logical thing to do is  cook.... and we DID! Lots and Lots of Traditional Lebanese Tapas I will share some recipes others my Dad may kill me if he found out I gave it out :) Some of the recipes there are no English Translations too so I will try my best to describe!

This was the End Result 

 This is a Lebanese dish which is raw meat blended with spices and cracked wheat
I think the first time my boyfriend saw this he was like "DO I HAVE TO EAT THIS???" 
Now when he sees it on the table he knows to grab as much as he can because there is NO LEFTOVERS
 This is the same Dish but the above my dad adds some chili flakes, cayenne, and red chili paste
This is the tame version
You eat this with some pita bread and fresh mint 
 This is the cracked wheat we use to make the dish
and you need to add the meat in once it is nice and seasoned.

This is basically the Lebanese version of a Frittata.
Except that my dad makes it more sinful by frying it...

These were so good! Served cold after you fry them and eat with 
what other than Pita Bread
 These Egg rolls are the BOMB! My dad will spend HOURS on the first day of Ramadan
and just freeze them and make them every night so we do not run out
There are two kinds: One with feta cheese, parsley and onion
the other is hamburger meat seasoned with some spices and my dad adds
some pomegranate syrup... the real kind you get at a Greek Grocery store.

 This is a great side dish to make with any meal but we eat with PITA BREAD! 
Fry some cubed potatoes
Add some olive oil, garlic,salt, pepper, and cayenne
Toss in some cilantro at the end 
This is Fetoush Salad
Usually it has romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes
Salad Dressing is olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, dried mint, and dried oregano
Throw in some pita chips and there ya go! 
This runs out within 3 minutes of this being put on the table
No matter HOW much extra you make
This is the Frittata and the cilantro garlic potatoes

This is my brother in law Samir!
He is cooking some sirloin meat to go with the hummus!
Throw in some salt and pepper cut into cubes and add some of that pomegranate syrup

Hope you guys enjoyed my AWESOME dinner! 
I know I sure did :)


  1. Happy Ramadan Month!
    What a feast to break a fast! Everything looks so delicious! Enjoy your Ramadan Month!

  2. I love Lebanese food! I'm definitely going to have to try some of these. :-)

  3. Are you kidding me? This is awesome and I need to be there next time!! I love Lebanese food and those potatoes are exactly like the ones I get at my fav restaurant but they add loads of lemon, well tasty! The meat dish is intriguing, is it just ground beef or any special cut? And the egg rolls...dont, I cant go on...

  4. Thats a gorgeous looking spread... would love to join u for dinner...
    Thanks for stopping by. Happy to follow u..

  5. Everything looks amazing! My mouth is watering like crazy!

  6. That is definitely an awesome dinner! I think your raw meat and spices dish looks very similar to something we call filet americain here. It's not commonly known outside of Holland but by the sound of it, it might actually be fairly similar.. But it all looks amazing

  7. WOW! I'm coming over for dinner at your house! Everything looks fantastic! :)

  8. Looks fantastic!! I love the addition of the pomegranate syrup, that must add an amazing flavor. Delishious :)

  9. it all looks so good, especially the potatoes and egg rolls!

  10. These look amazing! My best friend is fasting right now and I'm trying to be supporto gal and fast as well. SOOO hard! I'm with you though, cooking is a good distraction :) Even if I may drool a little...

  11. Ramadan kareem! Excellent spread the potatoes look especially delicious!!

  12. Quite a spread... saw on some discovery channel that they add pomegranate juice to the meat, everything looks great!