Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do it Yourself Chinese

I hate to admit this to all my awesome bloggers but I am a full time 
Paralegal with 4 CRAZY attorney's and when I get home sometimes
I cheat a bit with my cooking!

My do it yourself Chinese was discovered from Publix when I came across
this box and thought "Hey this is way cheaper, and it does not look bad, and the calories are not too bad, 
maybe I'll give it a whirl." And what do you know IT WAS AWSOME!

I LOVE Chinese food but the calories are ridiculous! Next time your in the mood to cheat get 
Wanchai Ferry's Restaurant Favorites!

Matt and I have done the "Sweet and Sour Chicken" && the "Spicy Garlic Chicken"
** You can add Meat, Shrimp or Tofu**

I always season the meat, shrimp, chicken etc,
with the seasoning ABOVE! I never measure just go easy on the 
Chili Flakes and Cayenne if you do not like spicy!!! 
**You can substitute the Teriyaki Sauce for Soy**

I do not use the cornstarch that comes in the box
because it ends up frying your meat this is a little healthier ( but it SURE is good if you do use it)
I just add nonstick spray and cook away!!
Depending on the box the Sweet and Sour comes with Water Chestnuts and Pineapple
I added an extra can of pineapple and bamboo shoots!
You can get those in the Asian Isle at the Grocery Store

I make a veggie on the side as well I got this broccoli recipe from Tiffanie
Few Cloves of Garlic
Salt to Taste
Olive Oil to Coat
400 Degree's for 15 minutes!
My boyfriend loves it extra burnt so I keep it in a few extra minutes!

While your baking the Broccoli add the sauce and let it cook for a few minutes 

The box comes with rice too! 
I usually do not make it 
I will get my own brown rice, but I was making weekly lunches for my boyfriend
What you see is two boxes and that I made into 6 lunches.

 Throw in the cooked Broccoli

 Throw in the chicken and viola!! 6 semi- homemade lunches!
* I only use one box if I am making dinner for 2*

The boxes cost $3.79 but you can go to Wanchei Ferry and print off some coupons for the box.
I always use the meat that is on sale Chicken happened to be $1.99 a lb
and the Broccoli was $2.00
I also throw in some egg rolls I usually get them when they are BOGO usually $2.50 a box.
6 full meals of Chinese for $16.08!!
Usually Matt and I spend AT LEAST $40 on Chinese
Just make sure you do not use cornstarch if you are trying to save on the calories


  1. Do you live near a Trader Joe's by any chance? They have an amazing selection of quick and great tasting options. My go-to quick meal is their Orange Chicken in the freezer. Oh my goodness, it tastes amazing and it is WAY healthier than it's restaurant counterpart. :)

  2. Oh yes I am a Trader Joe's fan!! I will need to try it! I love Orange Chicken. Looks like I am making a trip there this weekend!

  3. What an excellent idea! I love easy, semi-homemade dishes. This looks so delicious! Send me one of those lunches! :)

  4. Wow, super efficient and an awesome idea! TJ's orange chicken is really good but their tempuraversion is better, try it !
    Thanks for sharing....

  5. Oh I Love tempura!! Thanks for the tip!

  6. So cute that you prepare your boyfriends lunches like that! I wish I thought ahead like you =)

  7. What a great idea, thanks for the inspiration! It sounds and looks really good!

  8. u know ive always thought food comes in boxes are bad for you, but after reading your post, its actually seems quite healthy (esp if you omit the cornstarch! good choice!) and not to mention cheap..

    man i miss traders joe when i was living in the US...

    anyways, have a great week with these great lunches girl :)

  9. Yes TJ's is awesome for sure! I get so many staples from that place! OK, the lunches for your BF are super cute and tasty! It's ok to cheat too sometimes...especially when you're SUPER BUSY!!!! Awesome!!!

  10. Love doing homemade takeout & this looks really good!



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