Friday, June 24, 2011

Week of Blogs!

We just started this blog and we are following some 
AMAZING people who have great, simple and healthy recipes!

We wanted to share OUR favorites this week! 
Go and follow them on their blog.

1. Culinary Goddess she made a  Fresh Cucumber and Toasted Almond Salad with Dill. If you never had quinoa before I suggest you try it! Tiffanie made it for me once and I was pretty darn skeptical but I LOVED loved loved it! Culinary Goddess has a great site with some great recipes I think most will enjoy.

2. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness  - She is one of my favorite bloggers! She has TONS of good and unique recipes things I would have never thought to try or even put together but looks fabulous when she does it! Emily caught my eye with this Pizza that I swear will be made TOMORROW! Salmon and Pesto on Whole Wheat Parmesan Pizza. This recipe looks so delicious I could just eat the screen. Check out her blog for more fun and awesome recipes! Also Emily follows so many AWESOME bloggers that I had the pleasure of finding on her blog and started following them. Thank you!!

3. Bake at 350- I am NOT a baker AT ALL! But I started following Ms. Bridget and she makes her recipes look so easy and fun! This Carmel Banana Shortcake will put your men in a coma it looks so good. I have a hard time with baking because I am one of those people who just throw stuff in but her recipes are so easy to follow and the great little clips of how she does it all it super helpful and fun! 

4. Week of Menus- I saw this pasta and thought to myself now this is an easy to do simple recipe! On those nights where you JUST want to make something easy and healthy this recipe is a sure fire hit. I had the pleasure of making this recipe (sorry no pictures) and it was FANTASTIC the next day! Plus I ate it cold and it was so yummy the garlic was awesome! I love week of menu's epically the titles of some of her blogs she is an every day mom trying to feed her family and please everyone! Especially her children! Her stories are fun to read before you start cooking her great recipes!

5.Whats Cookin with Mary - I saw this pasta on my blogger feed and knew this was going to be AWESOME! I started following cook with Mary last week and should have put this recipe up sooner. Tiff and I are going to the beach this weekend and this recipe is coming along for the ride. It looks so fresh and healthy I am looking at this as I write and wish I would have made some yesterday so I can eat it today for lunch. Cooking with Mary has an awesome blog of great recipes and stories and pictures of her wild adventures! Definitely go and check her blog out I think there is some great recipes!

** Please go and follow all these amazing woman, their blogs and recipes are so much fun**
*All pictures were taken from each person's blog*


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I look forward to your posts :)

  2. Woohoo! That's me :)

    Thanks for the loooove!

  3. Thank you for the shout out guys ! :) Hope you enjoy the beach !!

  4. Nice blog ladies! Congrats on starting it! I started my blog just over 2 months ago, so I'm a newbie too! It's great that you are doing it together:o) Have you joined yet? It's a great way to meet fellow bloggers and they are all so supportive. If you look up Chef Dennis, he has a lot of great tips about blogging on his blog.

    Good luck!!


  5. Hey Thanks Kay!!! We will have to check it out! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Dear Amy and Tiffanie, Thank you for your visit to my blog, for following and for placing my badge on your blog. I love your enthusiasm and the energy you both express for food. I wish you all the best in your food blogging journey. I can only express that I have met the nicest people blogging and hope that the experience is as wonderful for you both. Blessings to you both. Catherine xo

  7. Dear Amy and Tiffanie, I exchanged links with your blog and added it to my blog roll. Catherine xo



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