Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy Cyclone Pasta

I originally got the idea for this recipe 
from Outback.  I used to work there and they had this AMAZING 
Pasta there called "Cyclone Pasta"
I did the Original Recipe  that I found online with my friend 
Melody for our gentlemen but was not a BIG fan of the way it turned out.
SO what did I do?? I went over to Tiffanie's and did it OUR WAY!!!
(Pictures below of my version, but please try it the way it supposed to be done and
edit or add what you do not like)

First thing is first get your pasta water boiling
Season with salt for flavor and olive oil not to stick
I use corkscrews so the sauce gets in the nooks
I only use half a box for this recipe since I am only doing it for lunch
First I cut up bit size pieces of chicken
I do this because I HATE those pieces of fat on chicken! 
*TIP can also be used with a rotisserie chicken $3.99 at Costco if you have a membership**
I only used one breast of chicken because I was making this for lunch so I would use 1lb if you
are making it for dinner and other people are joining!

Season the chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne and chili flakes.
I do  not measure I just use this to season do not over do the chili flakes one or two shakes is enough

After you season the chicken set aside and put in the refrigerator 

Cut one green scallion

I LOVE shitake mushrooms but use whatever you like
and cut them into slivers
*Portobello mushrooms work well with this recipe too and they are cheaper*
Saute the mushrooms I put just a dab of olive oil
Once they look a little soft add the green scallions and sun dried tomatoes
For  the sun dried tomatoes I just scoop in as much as I like
*tip a little does go along way those suckers have a lot of flavor*
Saute all together for just a few minutes 

I do NOT like the Alfredo sauces that come from a jar 
so I use Knott's Alfredo Sauce in the dry pack
I follow the back of the directions and instead of butter I use olive oil
I season the Alfredo with salt, pepper, cayenne and Parmesan cheese
Add the cooked pasta in the Alfredo and mix together

Mix it up and Serve! 
For some extra color sprinkle some fresh parsley.

Now for another good tip I always HATE buying ingredients that I will only use one time.
Take some of your left over mushrooms, scallions, and sun dried tomatoes and  use them for the next
day and make an omelet. 

One more good tip Sun dried tomatoes are a bit expensive
so I always wait to buy them when the grocery does BOGO.

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