Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sushi Kiku - Half Off Rolls 5 Days a WEEK

Who does not love Sushi??
Well a lot of people BUT if you are a LOVER of Sushi
then you DEFINITELY need to go to Sushi Kiku
Tuesdays -Saturdays they do ALL ROLLS half off
They have 5 locations: 
Alpharetta, Buckhead, Campcreek, Fayetteville, & Gainsville

My boyfriend Matt and I were invited by our friends Lauren and Jason
and we thought it was going to be okay (judging the website)
The food was great, service was great, and it was fast
For 3 rolls we paid $18 plus tip AND we had leftovers 
(Do not get me started on Matt taking home left over sushi)

 Super Crunch Roll

 Dragon Roll

Volcano Roll 

Next time your in the mood for some good half price sushi check this place out! 

Let us know how you like it

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  1. If only I lived out there!!! Looks fantastic!!