Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante

Sound a bit fancy??
Well it is!! Are you going to pay full price??
We love trying New Places, but the problem is what if the food sucks 
and then you end up paying full price even WORSE!
That is why  we love these coupons, if you do not like the food or the service
hey at least you did not pay full price!
I do do do love Groupon but the only downside is 
the deals run out after a day. 
Bloomspot is like Groupon but they keep there deals for a few days!
So ready to talk about Dolce???
This place is beautiful, the decor, the lighting, the atmosphere all so romantic 
to go one a special date with someone, or with girlfriends! 
Bloomspot is offering $20 for $40 bucks on a fabulous meal!
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Here is a sneak peek at what you are in treat for! 

If you go send us pictures and tell us how much you love it!!

Here are some good menu options if you have never been

Lobster Orecchiette 22 • Mini ear shaped pasta, lobster, champagne-lobster cream,

Granny Smith Apple-Sausage Ravioli 16 • Sage brown-butter sauce, apple cider

Lemon Truffle Black Grouper 26 • Creamy orzo with seasonable vegetables

Dolce Risotto Balls 7 • Italian sausage, fresh ricotta, spicy tomato diavolo sauce

Dolce Signature Gnocchi 10 • Creamy mountain Gorgonzola, fresh peas, sun-dried tomatoes

Are you Hungry Yet?? 


  1. Michael and I went back when it opened, weren't big fans. Portions were very small. Very expensive. Service was good but nothing worth wasting my good heels.

  2. Good to know!! I only went once and I did not mind it too much but it was a WHILE ago!



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