Monday, June 6, 2011

Lunch at Alon's Bakery / Market near Perimeter Mall

Wut up Chicks!
It's Tiff and I'm here to tell you about a little bakery (not really little) called Alon's.

They have 2 locations in Atlanta: 
- across the street from Perimeter Mall in the Park Place Shopping center 
- and also one in Virginia Highlands.

First off, the ambiance and location of the this particular Alon's is what drives me to come back.
I feel like i'm in a little market place away from all the chaos from the city that surrounds us.

You must take your time looking around because there are lots of little gadgets and gifts all around the store. They serve anything from sandwhich's to Gelato..and it's all made in house, fresh, that day! They also have brunch on the weekends for all you chicks who love brunch!

Here are some photo's from our visit this past weekend at Alon's.
Amy and I met some friends up there to celebrate..well, not really celebrate, more like send off..our friend Erica who is leaving us to go to California. 
She just married and her hubs is in Cali so I guess that is where she must go :(

Um... wuts up with that random dog you ask? Well, she joined us for lunch and I just had to put this picture in because she was so darn cute! Her name is Daphne.

Doesn't everything look fantastic? 
Photo's don't do it justice! 

I have a major addiction to sugar, I admit it, and I probably snapped 50 million photo's of the dessert section..i just couldn't help myself. I'm droolin a little as we speak, or as I type..whatever.

You must must go and try it out for yourself. 
You can click on the link at the top of the page and check out the menu for yourself!

Let us know how you liked it?

See you lata chicadeeeeeees!


  1. You know when I come in here I never know what to get the food is always SO YUMMMY!

  2. Daphne was a cute pup!