Thursday, July 7, 2011

SteamHouse Lounge

My co-workers went to the place across the street from our office called
the "Steamhouse Lounge". Seriosly this place is a HOLE in the WALL and guess what?? 
Kathryn brought back some fried shrimp a few weeks back 
and  it was SO GOOD.
Yesterday Ms. Kathryn and I were talking about Lobster Rolls (SO FREAKING GOOD)
and she said HEY they have them at Steamhouse I'll pick some up for us at lunch.

IT WAS SIMPLY the best thing I ever ate. This is 1/4lb of Lobster and it overflowed the in the
huge bun it was served in. NOW I know many have different versions of the Lobster Roll
BUT the BEST way to me is the New England way with a little lemon and drawn butter 
(forget that mayo crap)

Thanks Kathryn for picking me up the BEST LUNCH EVER.

Now of COURSE I would never place a page without some good deals!!
Check them out Steamhouse Lounge

Monday $12 1lb Crab Dinner
Tuesday $1 Beer
Wednesday $5 Dozen Oysters

No joke check this place out. 
Let us know how what your thoughts are.


  1. Hands down one of my favorite things...that lobster roll! I have a feeling reading/viewing your blog will make me want to move! :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to go to Maine in a few weeks to chow down on Lobster Roll!

  3. Looks like great food and a great time!

  4. Emily there is this place I saw on travel channel called "Red's Eats" apparently you wait an hour in line then another 20 minutes for the food but I read reviews and it sounds AMAZING! Check it out

    ANd of course take pictures!!!

  5. Ahh this is totally my get down and messy kind of food!! Lobster roll without mayo...hmm never had it like that but I'll try anything once! Great blog and thanks for stopping by Foodness Gracious, I also love the post about your weekly favs, a great idea!