Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who are the Chicks?

Hey there Folks!

It's Tiffanie here and I just wanted to say a quick "hello" and  introduce you to the "Chicks" that will be guiding you through this wild and crazy food excursion through Atlanta
and it's surrounding cities.

This is me! Yup, the girl with the confused look on her face?
Also the writer and owner of the blog a New Found Love.
It's a personal style blog.
(If you are at all interested in how I like to dress then please stop by and say "wusssssup")

 Now, this is Amy!
We are long time BFF's..from the 6th grade to be exact.
(that's like almost 15 years to be even more exact)
She also has a blog and it's called The Interesting Life of Amy
Be sure to Check it out for interesting things that are happenin in her life!


This is us...
the Chicks Who Eat Love to Eat!

Please don't be fooled by our good looks!
::wink wink::
We know how to chow down on sum grub!

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